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Our Services

We simplify prescription management and save money with our solutions and service.

We improve clinical and patient outcomes.


Closed Door Pharmacy

Horizon Pharmacy is a closed door pharmacy exclusively serving long term care clients and the clinics and facilities that support them. Our system promotes clear communication between prescriber, pharmacy, and client. We offer comprehensive solutions to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Concierge Customer Service

Concierge-level, dedicated pharmacy team members to help clinicians and healthcare professional manage patient’s complex dosing regimens in the most cost-effective manner. Our staff works closely with you to simplify and customize medications. You’ll always talk to a live person. 

We also have a dedicated management team to serve and advise clinicians and long-term care providers across the state.


Free Delivery

We serve all of Rhode Island with daily, weekly and monthly prescription delivery at no extra cost. Horizon Pharmacy is centrally located in Warwick, Rhode Island with the ability to serve clinics and facilities throughout the state. Horizon Pharmacy accepts and works with all insurances and charges no additional fees for packaging and delivery services. Horizon Pharmacy can also deliver to a facility's group home or supervised apartment program. We will only deliver to facilities that have qualified staff available to accept the delivery.


Medicine on Time (MOT)

We provide a nationally-recognized multi-dose blister pack system to simplify medication for better outcomes at no extra cost. The majority of our prescriptions will be filled using Medicine on Time (MOT). On average, the MOT system produces a medication compliance rate of 95.7%. The MOT system utilizes color-coded blister pack frames which include the patient’s name, medication, and dosing along with the date and times the medication should be taken. Click here to learn more.


PrimeCare by Integra

Horizon Pharmacy utilizes PrimeCare a best in class management tool that provides exceptional customer service, and quality outcomes. With PrimeCare healthcare professionals have digital access to the pharmacy through PrimeCare's WebConnect platform. The WebConnect platform allows healthcare professionals to re-order medications, print medication lists, print reports and manage their patients' care in partnership with Horizon Pharmacy.

PrimeCare is the most flexible pharmacy management system on the market today – an integrated, software solution that answers all the needs of institutional and long-term care pharmacies.

We pass the cost savings that PrimeCare creates onto our customers through exceptional customer service.